Monday, April 21, 2008

Everybody needs a QUIDA!!!!

We all have people in our lives who THINK they know us, maybe even better than we know ourselves. Usually we take their opinions with a grain of salt, and just move on (I mean you're supposed to delete junk mail right.... right?) As aggravating as it can be, we often have to patiently endure their unsolicited insight. (A BLIND person having insight... a pretty oxymoronic thought if you ask me!) Most of them just like to hear themselves talk, so hopefully it's helping THEM!!

But then there are those people whose blessings you HAVE to have. Those are the people who you seek for confirmation, consultation and often consolation among other things. I have VERY FEW people like that in my life (a smidgen as my mom would say) and QUIDA, affectionately known by me as WUIDA WUI, is one of those people. When I look at Quida I see strenghth, wisdom and perserverance. Like a diamond she has many facets.

Sometimes she's suited and booted executively, operating with the mindset of a CEO...

or she maybe she's Wildin' Out Wuida Wui
(my personal fav)

She's many things but above all... she's a GODLY woman

a LADY (with all CAPITAL letters, as IRIS would say)!

Growing up an only child, Quida has been a sister.

And no matter how long
it's been since we've seen each other or spoke, we always pick up where we left off.

Although she's my sister, she can quickly take on that mother role and challenge any idea you may have that could hurt or hinder you. I may not want to hear that mothering side but it makes me appreciate her that much more. Many people will see you headed towards danger and not attempt to help you see the red flags. NOT QUIDA!! At her BEST attempt, she will grab the flags, make you a designer pair of RedFlag Glasses (yes it's a brand name... Psyche!!!), patiently slide them over your ears and ASK you,

"Can you SEE that!?!"

We all need to be wearin' some RFG's!!!
Hot like Fire!!

I can't really remember her having a tolerance for uhhh....BULL!

Yes, Quida is a woman who is real. She's creative, oh so fashionable, knowledgable beyond measure, a breath of fresh air... and did I mention fun and spontaneous? Like the time I was all bummed out cause she couldn't make it to my baby shower, which was about a 3 hour drive. Only to have her casually pull up in front of the house RIGHT ON TIME. I don't know what was more entertaining, me jumpin' up and down with a belly fulla twins or the break neck speed it took her to jump out of the car and calm me down before I went into labor.


Oh and by the way,
if it wasn't for this woman right here...
uuhhh.. how can I put this,
would just be in marinade mode. :)

YES... like that!!! How many of you have YOUR own personal cheerleaders hmmmm? She told me months ago that she could see me "writing a blog". At the time my reaction was like ScoobyDoo hearing a fire truck, head tilted from confusion, "Huhhh?"
So here's to you Wuida Wui. Thanks for the little nudge (actually it was a PUSH).


P.S. I know some of you reading may even know Quida cause she forwarded this blog to you!! See what I mean? Well I need you to share your love for Wuida Wui down in the comments area. Thanks for listening. Proverbs 27:17 17 says As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. May you all have a Quida in your lives.

Stay in the WORD and Stay BLESSED.


Celeste said...

I just want to say that I agree with you 500%! I work with Quida and believe me just knowing that I am going to be spending lunch with her everyday makes it easier for me to actually get out of bed in the morning! I too consider her a sister and look to her for advice knowing that she will give me the honest advice I need to hear..... I am very happy the Lord has blessed us with such a beautiful person, both inside and out....

April & Maddie said...

I too have been blessed by "The Quida". Thank you for so eloquently summing up what I assume many of us feel about "our" Quida. Reminds us that we need to tell our sisters just how much they mean to us and that a day doesn't go buy without a thought of them and not a decision is made without their guidance!

Miss LaraLady said...

Well, She's Hot!!
I like the way u took picture!
well, we can share our pic..
Im also love to take a pictures..
U can see my pictures that i captured in my March entry..

Nice to know u!