Friday, April 11, 2008

Purrr fect Match

I had to share this with you all. GOD is always showing us HIS provision and most of the time HE will point out how well HE dresses and keeps all other living, breathing things and then ask us, "YOU DON'T THINK I WILL TAKE EVEN BETTER CARE OF YOU?" Unfortunately, like the children of Israel, we find ourselves needing to be reassured every now and then. Well here's one for the books. I receive this daily blog from Ex Ministries/G Craig Lewis, and basically this one I'm sharing with you was a BIG reassurance long as I do what GOD wants me to, as long as I'm obedient... HE will take care of ALL my needs, INCLUDING a Godly mate.
After I read this blog, I happened to get a glimpse out my front door and I had to grab my camera. You're looking at Tiger and Snowball. I never even knew Snowball existed until we broght Tiger home cause my mom moved. My mom lived about a 15 minute drive away from my house. How long is that in cat travel? I have no clue, but to see these two together the way they love on each other. If GOD can give Snowball a Tiger from miles away.... HELLO!?! I'm getting ready is all I'm sayin! LOL
The EX Daily Word for March 27, 2008

Single's Week "The Perfect Match"

Prov. 11:5 The righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way: but
the wicked shall fall by his own wickedness. When do you know that you have found your mate? The first issue is, what does God say about this person? This is why it's so important to stay sexually pure and Spiritually minded before you begin to date a person. If you nurture your relationship with God beforehand, then you will be able to hear him about the person you are interested in. If you are involved with this person sexually, then you will not know whether
they are from God or the devil because you have already become ONE with them.
I know many preachers and pastors say that there is no match made in heaven, but that is a lie! I would not want any mate that wasn't design by God for me. Why would God custom build Eve for Adam and not make a mate for you? The bible says in ALL thy ways acknowledge him and he WILL direct your path. It does not exclude marriage from that, but he said in ALL thy ways! There is no scripture to back up that "no match made in heaven" slogan because God desires to lead and guide us in EVERY area of our lives. And how in the world could we use our minds to choose a life long spouse? I believe this is why divorce is so prevalent among believers now. We are choosing based on chance and luck or our feelings and lust instead of hearing what God says about it.
I am convinced that God will not let a "Good Man" find a bad wife if he is living right before him. And I am convinced that a "Good Wife" will not be subject to chance when she marries because God has custom made her for someone. God is more detailed than that and there is a person that is created to match you! That's how big I feel God is and you cannot tell me that he allows us to blindly enter into a relationship with the wrong person! God says he delights in giving "good things" to his children, so if you ask for a perfect match will he not give that you? Of course no one is perfect, but they can be "perfect" for you! The most important thing before marrying anyone is to make sure you are secure in who you are. You must find your purpose in God and your place in the Kingdom of God to be a good candidate for marriage. If you have not tapped into your God given potential prior to a marital commitment, then you may suffer turmoil in your relationship trying to find yourself while you take care of your mate. That is what Paul was saying to the church at Corinth. 1Cor. 7:8 Marriage is a good thing,but if you can wait until you mature as a saint of God, it would be better.
Men, you cannot be a good husband if you don't know who you are! Women, you cannot be a help meet if you cannot even help yourself! This is another reason why it's so dangerous to play sexual and emotional games while dating. If you get too close, you will be blinded by lust and attraction and you will not be able to hear what God is saying. This person may be the devil in disguise. How can we see the future? We cannot! We must rely totally on God and God will be faithful to speak to us if we know how to hear him. But if we aren't secure in ourselves then we will jump at the first thing that makes us feel better about who we are. And my friend, that's God's position!
Until you get to the point where God can make you feel good about who he made you to be, you should not even consider marrying. People like to have fun with the opposite sex and date haphazardly, but that's a dangerous game. If you dance close to the fire, you will get burned. Your destiny and purpose can be tragically hindered by hooking up with the wrong person. So, my single believers, learn the voice of God before you become subject to the voice of a bad choice.

Suggested Reading: Psa. 73:24, Prov. 11:3, Prov. 3:6, Prov. 18:22 , John 16:13

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