Saturday, May 3, 2008

Abundant Life

Jesus said he came to give us life and more abundant. Many instantly think money or some type of comfort sustaining vice. I present to you the K.I.S.S. idea... only sanctified. Some say Keep It Simple Stupid, I suggest Keep It Simple Saints.

I've found that the more overloaded my life is with things and stuff, I waste too much time on maintenance. The more junk you buy, the more you have to dust, wash, etc. These days I look forward to simply getting out in the backyard and having fun with my boys. A lot of times we think we have to lavish them with the latest gadgets but kids are surprisingly simple at heart. I believe a lot of the gimme gimme spirit in them is something that is fed by the media or maybe their friends at school and such.

Sooo... although I look forward to outings, when you're rushing here and rushing there is there ever really any quality time to reflect and enjoy your loved ones. Or are we so beaten by traffic and traveling details that our 'good life' often turns into you needing a vacation to recoup from your vacation. I'm just rambling but it's true. I don't have much but it seems like the closer to 'simple' I keep my life the more I actually enjoy it.

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