Sunday, May 11, 2008

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Was HE Your First?

Remember when the reality of the Father's love swept through your spirit for the first time?

Man oh man!!! This song took me back to a place where rivers of water flowed. Back to a time in my life when NOTHING was bigger than God. When I trully had the faith of a child and was waiting with anticipation for HIM to split another sea.
What happens to us once we live life for a while? Do we start to get a little jaded? A little carnal? LORD whatever it is take it away from me, clean my heart and take me back to that place where YOUR voice is the loudest voice I hear!!!!

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luvee88 said...

Hey- I just now saw the comment that you left on my page- thanks!
And I love this entry; very awesome! :)