Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Can Run, But There YOU are!!!

God is so good. Better to us than we are to ourselves. The way HE loves us and is sooooo patient! LOL Why is it that no matter how long we live, how many miracles of GOD we witness, we are just like the children of Israel talkin about how good things used to be with the leeks and onions? (Numbers 11.5) HELLO!?! Onions? Leeks? Spicy and savory as they may be.... give me manna please!

I'm sitting here once again, tripping off the love of GOD. Just like Jonah running to Tarshish when told to go to Nineveh. All HE ask is that we have the faith of a child. He knows everything we are going to think, say, fear, contemplate before we even do it. He is not the problem we are. Not other people... US... ME! I say this because even in James we are told to 'count it all joy.... diverse trials and temptations'.

Well I have to admit, one of my favorite vices, temptations is 'escapism'. Sometimes when things are getting overwhelming to the point where I can't see straight, like an idiot, I'll take a 'spiritual vacation' and assume a fetal position regarding a particular matter. Why. Why, Why??? I mean... I read Ephesians 6, I know we wrestle against flesh and blood, I know we are always in the midst of spiritual warfare... but yet....

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Call me crazy but I've started praying a prayer that I never thought I would pray. I was literally AFRAID to pray. Like Elisha prayed on behalf of his servant "Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see." (2 Kings 6.17) I know what you're thinking, "Of course we want GOD to open our eyes! Duh!" NO! I mean I want to LITERALLY see angels and demons at war I want to see how my prayer and lack of it affects the heavenlies. In these days and times we hear and see so much in the world that we begin to get numb, callous and unaffected.

I'm just being honest everyone. I get tired and spiritually lazy. But now is not the time. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO GET SPIRITUALLY LAZY!!!! Prophecy is being fulfilled in the Middle East as we breathe. I'm looking for our saviour in the clouds, but until then were MANDATED to run. Yes, we're always gonna be runnin', but we must make sure it's ALWAYS With HIM.

And so I conclude with this, (this is usually the part where everyone who fell asleep in church wakes up and looks alive in anticipation of Sunday dinner), WHEREFORE SEEING WE ALSO ARE COMPASSED ABOUT WITH SO GREAT A CLOUD ODF WITNESSES, LET US LAY ASIDE EVERY WEIGHT, AND THE SIN WHICH DOTH SO EASILY BESET US, AND LET US RUN WITH PATIENCE THE RACE THAT IS SET BEFORE US...

It's that time again. My flesh is trying to take control, so since it is trying to become a 'weight' and a hindrance to my spirit, I got something for it. Death to the flesh, life to the spirit.

~~Stay in the WORD and


Reference scriptures: Jonah Chap 1, I John 3.20, James Chap 1, Revelations 1.7, John 19.35-37

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