Wednesday, December 17, 2008


(based on notes from Wed night service
Pastor Robert McGinnas) (Ezekiel 37)

Many of us think God is easily angered but the WORD says he's longsuffering.

All he wants us to do is acknowledge that we've fallen short.

HE can't help us until were willing to let HIM. Many times we think God approaches us with the same judgemental attitude that we approach people with.

Jeremiah 24.6 tells us that the LORD only wants to build his people up. He only wants us to return to HIM with our whole heart.

We'll probably be surprised at those we see in heaven. God is looking for a reason to excuse and forgive... not the other way around.

We have to see GOD for who he really is.

We limit GOD. He knows the choices were going to make before we even make them. He is the God of a second, third, fourth.... chance. We as people have our limits and begin to put up walls and distance ourselves from others when they cross us too many times. But GOD continues to be faithful to us no matter how many times we cry out. (When it's unintentional usually. But if we continue in sin intentionally, there are scriptures that warn us that 'GOD is not mocked'. He knows our hearts)

Mark 1.40 tells a story of a leper.
Many don't know that lepers were rejected from society. As they approached the general population, they had to call out, 'Unclean, Unclean!!' to warn of their presence. They lived in colonies especially for lepers where they would eventually die. Leprosy is symbolic of the death that sin brings to our lives and relationships.

God can cleanse the leprosy of our souls. Our mind and our conscience will be free and there is deliverance!!! HE wants to bring complete restoration and make us as strong as an army.

Ezekiel was told to prophesy to the bones. The LORD said HE would cause breath to enter the bones. Many times we look at our situations and think... it's too late, I've gone too far. But the LORD looks at it and says.... "I can do something with that!!!" He looks at our lives and sees potential. He looks at dry bones and sees and army

God did not yell at the bones (Israel) and tell them how stupid they were for being dry. They died spiritually and became the dead carcass of revival.

GOD restored the bones to exceeding greatness.
That which is dead can be raised again and made into something great. Sometimes we feel like the remains of a past revival but GOD restores. He speaks to the winds.........



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