Sunday, November 29, 2009

ALL Facebook gamers are PROcrastinators!!!!

Ha Ha!!! I knew that would get your attention♥ We know that's not true but when we feel like procrastinating, you can definately get lost in Facebook for a couple of hours...

I'm currently a Money Honey Fashionista on Fashion Wars

I maintain a mighty plantation on Farmville

I keep 50 fish alive on FishVille

and last but not least...
I serve great meals, although you can't have it your way
cause it's not Burger King, on Cafe World.

As a child of God, the worse thing you can do is procrastinate when HE wants you to do something. When I'm on the puter and HE needs me to read, study or pray, I KNOW it. Cause I start having this feeling of guilt, like I'm dodging Him, like HE's calling me on the phone and I'm lookin at caller ID waiting for HIM to leave a message. A relationship with the LORD is a marriage. We don't tell our spouse, "Hon, now that we're married, I need you to know that Sunday is your day, Monday through Saturday is allll miiiine!" NO, we have a constant relationship, intimacy (I praise and worship HIM) and communication. Sometimes I'm selfish and stubborn and I stay online waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy longer than I need to. Than when I finally obey HE blesses me with a peaceful spirit, wisdom, answers to questions, lyrics for my songs, ideas, inventions... HE'S ALWAYS GOOD TO ME!!!

But unfortunately, like the children of Israel in Exodus, we forget that HE delivered us and saved us and we get wrapped up in self. About 5 months ago I had a wake up call. I changed the password on my puter ("punishing" my son who did something he shouldn't have). I ended up getting punished myself cause the next day could not remember the password for the life of me. The weeks I had without the computer were mind blowing, more time with kids, more reading, more outside activities... MORE TIME!!! LOL

Well, even though our spirits have been born again, our flesh hasn't cause I just got another wake up call. I knew I needed to be in bed early. Was on the puter last night, jumped over to Twitter and saw that Tiger Woods was a trending topic. I hadn't heard the latest so I jumped over to a well known blog that I knew would have the run down and sure enough he was the HEADLINER! Well as I was feasting on the juicy gossip I clicked on a link without thinking twice and BOOM!!!! Pop up central. It was one of those "VIRUSES" that's not really a virus but something a company cooked up to look like a virus to get you to buy their product. Soooooooooooooo annoying... So while running both of my anti virus programs and realizing that it was going to be awhile before it was totally removed, I prayed, studied and ended up falling asleep a couple of hours earlier than I would have if I was still able to be online.

The moral of this story is Just Do It!!! I knew what I SHOULD have been doing when my puter caught a cold, but I was being stubborn. Can't help but think that if we were to ever have a massive electricity outage (which is bound to happen in these last days), I would have nothing to show for allll the time I spend online, yet time spent with the LORD is NEVER wasted. HE knows and hears all. He keeps track better than the best internet trackers!!

♥♥ Whenever I'm tempted to think that time 'messing around' on the internet is more fruitful than my time with HIM is, I remember this scripture 'FOR I KNOW THE THOUGHTS THAT I THINK TOWARDS YOU, SAITH THE LORD, THOUGHTS OF PEACE, AND NOT OF EVIL, TO GIVE YOU A FUTURE AND A HOPE' Jeremiah 29.11 When we seek HIM, He's always for us, it's only when WE turn our backs on HIM that He has no choice but back off. He's a gentleman!

Anyone else out there finding it hard to limit your FACEBOOK usage? Maybe this is a confirmation of some things the LORD has been speaking to your heart lately? You're not alone... Let us pray...

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Happy 2010! I just stumbled upon your virtual chronicle and absolutely love your world view.

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