Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have to laugh at myself sometimes. Actually more than that. Today at work, was one of those days that started out sooooo well and was like... the full moon I saw a couple of nights ago decided that it's stay wasn't long enough and took another tour of duty. Everyone must have been well hydrated and the water on their brains ebbed and flowed like the tides of a Tsunami off the coast of Singapore. Yes... that bad.

I have this fantasy that one day my work will be consistently flawless. My inbox will never have paper in it for too long and I will be voted
Employee of the Century. Anyone reading this who works with me has a big smile on their face right now. First of all, as a furloughed worker, mistakes are inevitable considering there's more work and less time to do it in. Second, my inbox... never sees the light of day. Lastly, there's no such thing :) But it's nice to think wishfully.

I work constantly from the time I get to work until we shut down (with the exception of a 30 min lunch and two 15 min breaks, which I've worked through for the last 10 years but NOT ANYMORE!!!!). At no time has anyone looked over in my area and seen me spinning on my thumb or picking lint out of my belly button. Okay, I have been known to file my nails a time or two... (hey, what's a girl to do with a hangnail?) So, to make a long story short, I had a few dissatisfied customers. For some reason, I could not see beyond that. I want everyone to love me. Especially since no mistake made was intentional. Why do we take things so personally. Like someone is out to get us if the eggs are served sunny side up instead of scrambled. Flat out conspiracy!!!! No, I'm not a waitress... I'm a PPP (Professional Paper Pusher). Personnel Specialist aka Human Resources (health benefits, payroll, attendance certification, etc)

Too make a long story short, a day that started off "Happy Friday!!!!!" turned into "Awful Way To Start a Weekend" during the last two hours of the work day.

Couple of yeasrs ago, the LORD whispered some wisdom in my ear in regards to being a people pleaser. HE said, "Jesus completed the most important work ever, and is still slandered, mocked and scorned to this day! What makes you think, as HIS follower, you will be treated any better?"

After going to Curves, chillin at mom's awhile, goofin off with the kids, I come home and bust out my best Tear Drop china.

In the midst of my solo Pity Tea Party, these words of wisdom well up within me. I'm brought back to reality.

Nothing I go through in this life can compare with the agony and pain our Saviour went through as HE walked this earth in the flesh. I mean, can you REALLY imagine what it was like to have people smile in your face, speak kind words to you... when all the while you KNOW EXACTLY what they're thinking? Not just one person, but EVERY PERSON. We can't even stand someone talking about us when it's the truth, let alone a lie, which is how they ushered JESUS to the cross...based on a lie.

And so with this, once again I am reminded that as I work, it is as Unto The LORD. I will not fear or worry about man who has the power to kill my flesh but I revere HIM who has the power to send my soul to hell. The WORD says that when our way please the LORD, HE will make even our enemies be at peace with us.

Let's not forget the details of the physical torment our Saviour endured.

We look not to man for our validation, but to our Heavenly Father.

Stay in the WORD and Stay BLESSED!!!

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