Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Fear is real. It's a spirit. You would think that after someone gave their life for you, literally, that you would have NO PROBLEM telling other people about how they changed your life.

I am ashamed to say that in my 37 years of being on this earth, most of those years being filled with "church on Sundays", I have only led 2 people... to Christ by leading them in a repentance prayer.

Now we talk a lot in my church fam about 'winning folks to Christ', meaning more than just leading them in the sinners' prayer. You could be one of those people that just drop a seed, another that waters or eventually when the seed has fully grown, we may be the one that harvest the seed and pray with that person.

Why do I feel like if I'm not talking about Jesus all the time at work, I'm a hypocrite? When in reality I don't get many opportunities to talk about Christ. Or is it that I've just missed them without realizing it?

With all the tribulation that the average saint goes through on this earth, I want to live my best Christian life while I'm here and I want my crown of life to be filled with stones. I've never had to shed blood for Christ, the least I could do is be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY♥

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