Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alone But Not Lonely ~ If It Had Not Been For The Lord On My Side

I've heard people in ministry say it many times, "Sometimes, you have to walk alone."  The more I want to get closer to God, the more that statement rings in my head.  Many times I wanna call someone and hang out, but when it comes down to it, I know we're 'Unequally Yoked'.  Being unequally yoked can be like yeast.  I don't want no yeast in my life unless I have a plan for baked goods :)

I cherish the fellowship I've found at my church home Destiny in Indio.  When I first walked through the doors I felt an energy that was contagious.  So many people smiling and GENUINELY happy I'm like, 'Yeah right!!'.  But it's been about 8 months since I first started attending and the smiles remain and mine has joined!  Thank you Lord for my new church home!

After reading Proverbs 4, I feel an urgency to always be wise.  Choose wisdom and understanding.  Pastor Obed mentioned in one of his teachings how important it is to take your time when making important decisions. Especially investments.  Many times people want to rush you and make you feel under the gun because they know you're more inclined to make hasty decisions.  But wisdom tells us to look at the whole matter.  How will this affect us 5 years from now, not just today.

I remember living in LA, on a 101st and Vermont, da hood.  Never felt scared.  And it had nothing to do with the iron bars on the windows.  I just always felt God's presence with me.  I thank You Lord for always letting Your presence be felt


~PSALMS 64.8  So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all who who see them shall flee away.~  So much hurt in this world is caused by tongues.  I've gone most of my life listening to replays in my head of what someone said to me.  The fiery daggers of rejection, inadequacy and abandonment.  It wasn't til this year I finally realized what other people thought or said about me was none of my business.  But when you're working in an office for 9 hours a day with 17 other women, sometimes it's hard to remember those little slogans.  I thank God for filling my heart with songs.  Every time I would go to Him with my head down about something, not only did I leave His presence with my head up but often I leave with a new song, a melody and joy in my heart.  Our God is an AWESOME God!!!

I've battle depression and I'm a witness that the Word, 
especially the Psalms have power to bring you out of that dark cloud

God fights our battles...they're His anyway!!


As I read this Psalm, I smile thinking of this song my mom used to sing to me based on this particular Psalm.  "If it had... Not... Been... For the Lord.. ON MY SIDE.... Tell me where... Would I be...WHERE WOULD I BE???"  I bet if I called her right now she would happily sing it to me. LOL  No matter how much I think about my childhood with negative memories, I have to say I thank God my mom always had me in church.  The Word is ingrained in me and that's the BEST HERITAGE we could ever give our children.  Thank you mom!! XOXO

Oh Yes!!  Found mom's song!!!


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