Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family, Friends and All The Laughs My Belly Could Take :)

Yep, that's how I ended 2011.  No wild parties.  No substances or relations that lead to regret...just good old fashion FUN:)

in Cathedral City on Perez St.

Me and my girl Tanisha took ALL OUR KIDS, LOL, and went ice skating!!  That's right, I got my skate on last night.

Alexandria and her Big Brother Dupree

At first I was like, "Lawd Jedus!!!"  Took some time balancing all this natural goodness, especially with my flatfeet :)

Kori, Me (oh so Godfident :) and Kiri

  All you Coachella Valley folks out there need to grab your kids and get your skate on.  

Alexandria and Caprice

It's only $8 including skate rental for two hours.  

My oldest Phillip Jabari, taking his Superman Swag Sweet Time

Two hours is plenty believe me.  A guaranteed good time.

This rink is HUGE!!!!

Isn't it Tanisha? :)

In addition to becoming more physically fit, I've decided this is the perfect time to read the bible from cover to cover.  If I can read 'The Help', which is 500 pgs, in 3 days, than surely I can read my 2221 pg bible in 52 weeks... "Come on somebody?!?" (as Pastor O would say :)

You know wassup!!!!

For the last couple of years I've been, inconsistently, following a Proverb and Psalm schedule as follows:

There's 31 Psalms so read what ever today's date is... then...
5 Psalms a day, today is the 1st, so read psalm 1, 31, 61, 91, 121 (just add 30)
By the end of the month I've read all the Proverbs(wisdom) and all the Psalm (praise and prayers)

Because of today's Proverb I know that as long as I obey him, not only is evil not a problem for me, but neither is the FEAR, which is a byproduct of evil. (Prov 1.33) Hallelujah!!!

Found out today in Psalms that as long as I delight in God's ways/laws/word...EVERYTHING I do will prosper.  It says SHALL people, that's a PROMISE :P (Psalms 1.3)  

The Strife of Tongues sounds like gossip and backbiting to me... Psalms 31.20 tells me He SHALL protect us from that too!! Woop!! Woop!!  

Since only our spirits have been reborn and not our flesh, come on somebody, there will be times when we are overwhelmed, but Psalms 61.2 reminds me that Jesus is our rock who is always HIGHER, so wherever we find ourselves in life, we have to call out to Him and HE SHALL take us higher.  I'M A WITNESS!!  

~^~NOISOME PESTILENCE~^~ sounds like something you wanna spray until the can runs out LOL, well it's as bad as it sounds and guess what... He's got us covered on that one too! (Psalms 91.3)   

My bible title's Psalms 121 'God's Sustaining Power '.  The thing that trips me out is, we can sit and think about God all day... and STILL not realize what a wonder He is all by Himself.  Every authority figure on this earth that we know of has to get some sleep.  The LORD... DOES NOT SLEEP... OR SLUMBER!!! Wrap your head around that one LOL :)  Enough said.  I love the Word.  It trully takes me out of my head, which can often be a dangerous place, and takes me so high that I'm looking for Jesus to TAKE ME NOW!!!!  LOL  But He always tells me, 'No not yet, you haven't finished your assignment'.  As long as He walks with me...I'm good♥

♥♥Feeding my spirit more than my flesh. ♥♥
I always read prayerfully
I want His interpretation... not mine

I like the idea of reading Old and New Testament at the same time. 

Genesis 1 - I wanna be like the LORD in everything I do in 2012. I want to speak things into existence with the power in my tongue, than once I see it manifest, pronounce it good.  No more speaking death with doubt, fear, little faith. I'm digging deeper, becoming more #ROOTED, I want to see the fruit of 2012 cause I know it's going to be good!!  

Matthew 1- I've never really been good at history when it comes to genealogy, family trees and stuff like that.  But one thing I do understand about all the names is NO ONE can dispute JESUS!!!  Hallelujah!  It's like God was saying, 'Yeah you can miss me with all that Buddha and Muhammad stuff, Jesus was , is and is to come SO TAKE THAT!!!'  LOL  I love it:)  I wonder if Joseph knew Who the Holy Spirit was.  When the angel told him 'for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit', did he know Who the angel was talking about?  I wonder if there was a small part of him that was like, 'Holy who?'.

There will always be storms


I'm looking for a picture... I can't remember where I saw it, but there's a HUGE raging storm.  Then there's a tree off to the side.  Then when you look very closely at the tree, you see a tiny bird dangling from a branch over the raging waters.  In the midst of this storm, this bird is chillin.  I'm that bird yall:) 


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