Monday, January 2, 2012

Feeding My Spirit ~ Starving My Flesh

My motivation to write is hiding somewhere.  But since it's only the 2nd day of the new year, it's too soon for me to get blog lazy.  I mean wasn't that the reason I started it 3 years get writing?  Ok, so here I am Anti Up and Kick In!!

At this point, the only thing I have to write about today is the Word.  That never gets boring.  I stayed true to my Word schedule today.  My schedule is listed below in the 'labels'.


I love the promises of the bible.  You know that when God says's a rap.  Proverbs 2.10-17 caught my eye, 'When wisdom ENTERS YOUR HEART, and knowledge IS PLEASANT TO YOUR SOUL...'.

There's a promise in this scripture but I realize it comes with a condition.  The only way God's wisdom can enter my heart is for me to READ HIS WORD :)


There's no opposition in our lives that the Lord can't help us overcome but we have to ask, Psalms 2.8, and He SHALL!!!


Although we strive for perfection in our walk with Christ each day, I know that we won't be truly perfected until he comes back in the clouds.  But until then it's so nice to know that He has mercy and when I mess up, all I have to do is reach out to Him and be honest (He knows anyway:)  Psalm 32.2, 10


I dread those times in my life when I'm hit with 'something new'.  But looking back, those are the times when my faith grew and I was able to see my God, my Rock, my Fortress flex His muscles and show me He is always with me.  If it weren't for those trying times, how would our faith grow? Psalm 62.2, 6



I love the palm trees in this valley.  As tall as they are their roots must run pretty deep.  That's what I'm talkin' bout. #ROOTED  Every time I drive past rows of beautiful palm trees I can't help but have a feeling of relief...knowing that only GOD can do that.  All life is a testimony to God's presence. As big and bad as man thinks he is, we have yet to CREATE anything.  Yes we can MAKE all kinds of stuff from what was already created.  High Five LORD!! The Almighty Creator.  So when I am told that I will flourish like a palm tree...It's all good Psalms 92.12


'I was glad when they said unto me'... has always been a familiar scripture to me, Psalms 122.1.  But as I digested this chapter a little more I noticed yet another promise;
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
They SHALL prosper
who love you

When's the last time you were prospered just because you prayed for someone?  LOL  Probably more than you realize.  Prosperity doesn't always have to mean money.  Many times I've seen my prosperity in 'favor with an enemy', or 'having peace when all around me is crazy', 'getting a parking spot right in front of Walmart' (Thank ya Jesus!!).  Yes, I always thank God for any and everything that makes my life a little bit easier, my load lighter, my stress...LESS.  So how are you prospering?  Count your blessings, your list is long!!!


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