Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well as of today I am 9 months clean and sober.  Without going into too much detail, let's just say that there was a time in my life where I decided to take the wheel from God.  And the rest is HIStory.  He had mercy on me and showed me a whole new way of living and showed me things about myself, strength, I didn't know I had.  His love for me is something I still don't quite understand but all I know is I don't ever want to doubt His abilities in my life again.  That scripture that talks about your life getting 7 times worse when you go back to your old ways... NO JOKE!!!

I'm making an effort to actually have my blogs post early in the day instead of the last minute.  So far so good huh:)


I'm reminiscing a bit right now.  When I was at The ABC Club in Indio, a group of us started our own meditation group.  We read the Psalms and Proverbs everyday.  The peace in that group was off the chains. 8:30 every morning for like 5 months straight!!  I miss those guys!!! Shout out to Blue Eyed Brian, Matthew (Chapi), Geoff (with a 'G'), Keith, Melvina, Melinda, Terry, C.J., Pretty Tony... When we first started the group it was only like 4 of us.  It grew to about 20 over time.  And everyone was hungry for the Word.  We often played praise music.  We took turns praying in and out.  The presence of God was always felt.  We had other 'meditation' options.  We wanted GOD!!!  Not no new age crap!  I'm not sure who decorated the club but there are buddhas everywhere and I felt like there was some serious spiritual warfare going on.  People relapsing left and right.  I looked forward to starting my day with the Word and after all that time it has definitely become a must.


This proverb is about obedience.  Not wavering in our faith.  When I got out the Navy in '92, it was a devastating time in my life.  But the Lord kept telling me that if I was faithful with little He would bless me with much.  I tithed on money people said I didn't have to.  But that's where my faith was.  I wanted to give.  I knew He would meet all my needs ~ Proverbs 3.9,10


There's been times when I found myself in hostile work environments.  The politics are so shrewed, the cliques are undeniable, ALL I COULD DO IS PRAY!!!  Some years ago, there were a certain group of women that loved to jab at me, like I was their comic relief.  What was worse was I pretty much acted like I didn't know what was going on cause I knew if I let my anger get the best of me...I wouldn't have a job.  I was pretty consistent at that time with my prayer and bible study.  Matter of fact I made it a habit to sing praise songs to myself throughout the day.  An interesting phenomenon began...the little clique that tried so hard to break me up...BROKE UP!!  I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I would hear them talking crap about each other.  I knew God broke that up:)  That's just one of many testimonies I have of God '...smitten all my enemies upon the cheek bone.'  When He says PRAY FOR YOUR ENEMIES, it's for a reason.  Sometimes you wanna say Lord Have Mercy, cause He gets them back better than we ever could.  I start feeling sorry for them.  Sometimes He does things like that so you'll be a vessel to lead them to Him.  I've had people ask me about church and prayer and it blew my mind, but I was obedient and helped them as best I could.  Regardless of how they had treated me in the past.  I can bear that cross if it means one more soul in heaven.


Psalms 33.12  When I read that scripture, I can't help but think about how drastically things have changed since prayer was taken out of school.  I often hear those of my mom's generation say the most anyone got in trouble for was chewing gum.  Now...we wish that was all. But those of us who know God, KNOW that He can't be taken out of our hearts.  No matter where we are we have to let out lights shine!!  


When my flesh dreads reading the Word or praying...that's when I know I need to do it the most.  It never fails that He gives me some type of revelation or information or just plain PEACE.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in wordly things whether it be 'friends', family, internet, tv, music, etc and it just messes up our Godly vibe to the point where we're all lop sided.   As badly as our spirit wants God, the flesh has taken over.  Just like when we prefer junk food over healthy food.  So I'm being proactive and keeping myself in Him, constantly hungering and thirsting so I won't find myself having to ask for forgiveness every time I look around. 'My soul SHALL BE SATISFIED...' Psalms 63.5  '...but the mouths of them who speak lies SHALL BE STOPPED.' Psalms 63.11  ~~You gotta love those promises :)

...Mightier than the noise of many waters... I wonder what it was like to stand on the edge of the Red Sea as the Lord parted it.  Can you imagine walking down a hallway in between two HUGE aquariums? You see sharks, whales and all kinds of creatures swimming around and it feels like it's taking you forever to walk to the other side?  Now imagine the sound with the walls gone... An invisible wall in between you and some of the most awesome creatures God ever made.  You look up and you can't even tell where the wall stops.  I wonder if that happened in these days and times how many people would be going to the doctor for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome???  I'm sure the noise of it all was mighty...but God is MIGHTIER says the Word.


I think it's funny When people say, 
"I don't like reading the bible it puts me to sleep"  
I'm like, "That's the PEACE OF GOD!!!"

Ever play the 'Blame Game'?  Adam and Eve did.
"It was that woman you gave me"
"It was that serpent"
Funny stuff!!

This chapter reminds me that whenever I'm disobedient, I make myself vulnerable to the enemy.  I'm taking God's cover off of myself.  Sometimes I think spiritual death is worse than physical death.  Nothing worse than knowing what you HAD.


Our savior was baptized by John the Baptist in this chapter.  Even though the Word vividly describes the after effects of Jesus' baptism; heavens opening up, the Spirit descending like a dove, I always thought water baptism was merely symbolic.  But on Oct 2, 2011 after getting baptized at Destiny, I had a supernatural experience.  The urge to smoke cigarettes left me instantly.  Right before I was baptized I asked the Lord to let His anointing break every yoke of bondage off of my life and He answered my prayer<3 


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