Thursday, June 23, 2016


How YOU Doin?
So I stopped by one of my fav stores, Dollar Tree, to pick up a couple of things and as soon as I step in the door I get attacked by what I thought was a huge horsefly.  It just rammed into me right behind my left ear.  Well of course I started swatting away like crazy.  What's so funny is I had on these huge earrings that Quida gave me, so I'm playing tetherball with the earrings trying to get this 'fly' off of me.  I go to get a little hand basket and I once again feel buzzing behind my left ear. By this point I'm hot and irritated (cause I live in the desert and it was 100° today), so I gave my ear one last vicious smack and I saw the critter quickly land in the pile of baskets.  Only thing is, when I went to get a closer look at the strange lookin was a...

I'm hummin' comin' at cha!
I cannot begin to tell you the adrenaline and pure fear that flooded my body at that point. It was like I had just escaped death.  I get all swollen and itchy over a flea or mosquito bite. A bee sting would send me straight to the ER...
I'm sure of it.

But this isn't the first time I had an encounter with the stinging kind.  A couple of months ago as I finished using the toilet and turned to flush, I discoved a baby yellow jacket was sitting right behind me on the toilet lid the whole time.  I'm talking inches.  It's 'little' things like this I put in my gratitude basket.  

I get a little piece of paper, write a short blurb about the event, date it, fold it, then throw it in the basket.  Every now and then, especially when I'm feeling down, I dig around in the basket and read whatever I pull out first.  It's amazing how quickly they add up.  No matter where we are in life we should always practice an #ATTITUDEOFGRATITUDE because
The LORD is good.


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Quida Thornton said...

Hey maybe they have didn't come to harm you, maybe they have a message? I swell to from insect bites and I make a bee line (😂🐝) for my car when I leave the house, these hive somewhere but I can't find it. I only put on my sweet smelling lotion once I'm in the car with the windows rolled up. 😳