Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Look And You Will Find


You can find a little wisdom and encouragement in the oddest places.  This past weekend, as me and my Sis jump in the car after pumping gas and cleaning windows, I asked her to read my fortune cookie. It said happiness was trying to catch up with me.  So what? Now I'm running from happiness???  And this was within minutes of me telling her I just wanted to be consistently happy.  Wow!  The gas station can be a very reflective place.  Probably because you're forced to stop, be still and be in the moment.  Succumbing to the hypnotic motion of scrubbing the generations of bugs off your windshield that have given their life in the name of your road trip LOL.


And the wisdom didn't end there.  For those of you who may not know, The Dollar Tree has a pretty decent selection of frozen foods.  Because I'm Weight Watchin' it (15 pounds so far👍)and have been convinced that I have gluten intolerance due to stomach and skin issues (waiting for the test results), I'm looking at things a little closer than usual.  So my choice...Tilapia and sweet potato fries.  Wrap the fish in foil with some olive oil and seasonings...Bam! Throw it in my mini oven...Bam!! Cut open the fries put them in foil yada yada, you know...Bam Bam Bam!!! And it's all good.  There's nothing like the comforting smell of baked sweet potatoes. 


I'm cleaning up, of course I go over the nutritional info one mo gain...and something sticks out that didn't before. A scripture!  Right on the back of the package was a little love note from God to me.  Yeah we always need to personalize it.  So awesome when things happen out of the blue like that.  


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