Tuesday, June 21, 2016



                      Now THAT... is a CURSE!!!
Can you say... INFESTATION???

I know some may have issues with the way I choose to express myself (also, yes I know there are 'proper' ways to begin and end sentences...but I'm not interested in following the grammar rules of someone who is made of flesh, eats, sh!ts, sleeps and puts on their pants one leg at a time just like I do. At least not when it comes to THIS blog.).

 Who gave this person the power to dictate?  Probably the same person who said it's cooler to wear someone else's name on your butt, purse, shirts etc., then your own.  Welp!  They were pretty smart cause we're still trying to measure up to their standards of fashion and beauty and don't even know them personally... I digress.  

Ahhh don't you just love to ride the wave of a good tangent😎.  

Let's get this straight!  When someone says sh!t, f#ck or dayuuum, these are NOT curse words.  Or as it's said in the 'hood 'cuss' words. They may be 'offensive'... but they are not curses.  Now if I were to say to you, "I hope you get hit by a bus!", that's a curse.  If I were to say "I hope you fall and break your neck!", that's a curse. And if I said "May your days be filled with heartache and poverty!", now THAT'S A CURSE!!!

'Cuss' words are expressive and exclamatory.  And remember to keep it context.  it's usually no more than a verbal exclamation mark!  While a curse's purpose is to harm someone in someway.  Some may feel it's a lazy way of expression.  I say it's only cause they don't know how to do it with swag! 

 LOL You gotta have a certain timing and balance to know when's the right time and when is too much. Don't get me wrong.  I'm not one to 'cuss' like a sailor' or am I by any means a 'Cuss' Word Connoisseur.  I just remember as a youngster being entertained by 'grown' folk's talk.  For instance, a group of men playing dominoes, somebody starts off with the 'big six' (double 6, 6\6) in the middle of the table, then the next man comes in with the 6\3.     First man is gonna say shiyiiiiiiit! Cause 'shoot', don't have no flavor.  He hand fed that man 15 points!

Now we are told in the Word not to use corrupt speech come from our mouths.

I don't ever remember a 'cuss' word causing someone to be discouraged to the point of turning away from God. But GOSSIP, SLANDER and HAUGHTY LOOKS... 

(better known as 'the side eye') has definitely caused people to run from the church.

I remember when I was younger, dreading to go to church cause in my eyes all it was...was a fashion show.  Then there was drama.  I remember this one dude threatening to shoot my mom in the parking lot cause she wouldn't let him lead a song.  


Probably cause she didn't want him spittin' and slinging Jheri Curl juice on everybody.  

My mom loves to tell that story.  For those who can't believe that would ever happen, I must explain we were in L.A., South Central to be exact.  Mount Gerezim, LOL Those were... NOT the days 👎 People may do us wrong in the church we have to remember that it's our spirits that have been reborn...NOT this FLESH!!! It took me a long time to realize there are no perfect churches or Christians.  And I'm also sure we'll be surprised at those who end up in heaven...as well as hell

We need to be more concerned about how we treat each other and God's will in our lives than...is that skirt too short...is that lipstick to bright...is his pants sagging too low?  Maybe if we took time to get to know a person we would realize there are really more important things to ponder like...why WE can't forgive.  I've been told there are many people in hell right now because they refused to forgive.   God know it's hard for us to live 'right' in this day and age. That's why Jesus died.  His blood continually cleanses us.  Cause our 'righteousness' is like a dirty tampon. 
 Yep! Check out the meaning in the original language the scripture was written in. Isaiah 64.6

So I have challenged myself to be less self righteous and judgemental. There's enough of that in the world.  Each of us who are filled with the Holy Spirit is like the wind...you don't know where we come from, you don't know where we're going.  But He does.  God's will be done.

Well, it's late...and I'm starting to ramble.



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Quida Thornton said...

Yep, had a conversation a few weeks ago about worrying about things that really aren't a big deal. I decided that I would let the Lord deal with it...cause we know when he does something 🔊🎶AINT NO HALF STEPPIN🎶🔊